Plant-Based Cooking
Have you been curious about plant-based/vegan cooking, what’s all the hype? Have you been advised to change your diet for health reasons? Have you wondered how meals without animal products could actually taste delicious and be easy to prepare? Are you trying to be more conscientious and eco-friendly and want to do your part?

In this plant-based cook book you’ll find out:
1) The benefits of plant-based eating
2) Useful kitchenware and storage ideas
3) Key staples for your pantry
4) Over 50 delicious recipes including: Cantaloupe kiwi coconut smoothie bowl, savoury veggie pancakes, vegetarian tortellini pasta and many more…

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Keto Intermittent Fasting 

The Keto diet is done by many to lose weight and to combat many health issues. Intermittent fasting is done to both spiritually and bodily cleanse your system, lose weight, and combat diseases. So, the magical idea of combining these two is nothing but genius.

Since the key idea of doing these two diets together is to lose weight, so wasting time in binging snacks and desserts is not an option here. You are fasting for hours so when you break your fast, you must do it with a complete meal. The meal should contain all the nutritional value you need to survive for a long time.

The recipes in the book are highly nutritious and easy to cook. They also taste very good and the ingredients used are not extra-ordinary. Anyone can find them in their local pantry.

In this book you will learn:
- What is the Keto Diet
- What is Intermittent Fasting
- The benefits of combing the two
- Foods to avoid and foods to eat more often
- Delicious recipes for morning, midday and evening (depending on your fasting schedule).

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